ATLANTAApril 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Verde Leaf™ is pleased to announce that the Company has entered a Joint Venture Distribution deal with The Alpine Hemp Group, LLC, to promote and sell Verde Leaf’s high-quality CBD products. The distribution deal allows Verde Leaf ™ and The Alpine Hemp Group to distribute co-branded lines of consumables, non-consumables, premium flavored pre-rolls, and other cutting-edge hemp based tobacco substitute products. The Alpine Hemp Group, LLC has a distribution network of relationships that span decades, and has for over 46,000 retailers across North America, with some of the key retailers being: Circle K Stores, Core-Mark, G&B Wholesalers, BLSA, Ltd, Stewart Distributors, ACC Wholesalers, Blue Ridge Wholesale, and Citgo Stores just time name a few. “We are pleased to partner with The Alpine Hemp Group’s team and are excited to have them expedite our US sales efforts. This deal allows Verde Leaf™ access to mainstream sales channels that truly benefit the tireless work our farmers have been investing,” said Dr. Jackson Garth, President, and CEO of Verde Leaf™.

Verde Leaf™ is one of the hemp industry’s first vertically integrated hemp companies, that created solutions for the farmer, business owners, and consumers. We solve some of the key challenges in the emerging hemp industry by assisting farmers with license acquisition, hemp cultivation and processing, and filling the knowledge gap with our network of seasoned hemp farmers and specialists across the Southeast. Moreover, by securing exclusive contracts with farmers, Verde Leaf™ ensures that hemp product sold to consumers have unprecedented clarity, consistency, and data available for products they are purchasing. By controlling our supply chain seed-to-sell, Verde Leaf gives customers assurance and confidence in the superior quality of our consumable and non-consumable product lines.

The Alpine Hemp Group, LLC
The Alpine Hemp Group is committed to creating the highest quality hemp pre-roll products on the market. Having decades of experience in the tobacco industry, their skillset and knowledge of hemp transfers into making high quality products that are healthier for consumers. They believe in full Spectrum whole plant extracts which benefit the entire body and mind. The Alpine Hemp Group, LLC holds themselves to the highest standard of transparency and accuracy in a new and ever-growing Hemp marketplace. Their business encompasses multiple aspects of the Hemp industry, bringing cutting edge hemp based (tobacco substitute) products.

SOURCE Verde Leaf

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