Veteran Labour politician Frank Field has hailed cannabis oil as a ­“wonder drug” – and told how he has spent thousands of pounds on a private prescription. Reports The Sunday Mirror

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, the 77-year-old Labour stalwart became the first UK politician to reveal he was using medicinal cannabis.

He said he turned to CBD – currently at the centre of a fierce debate in Parliament – to ease “crippling” pain from a slipped disc.

Mr Field, who was an MP for 40 years, paid £2,200 for a three-month supply of Bedrolite, which you take by putting droplets on your tongue.

And he has urged PM Boris Johnson : “Make this wonder drug available on the NHS.”

Mr Field said: “I never thought that when I was campaigning for young children to get access to the drug to change their lives that I’d end up needing it myself so badly.”

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