VOA Article Discusses Proposed Political Changes To Thai Cannabis Laws

If you want a quick overview of the different voices jockeying for position in Thailand as adult use looks to be on the chopping board this article is as good as any.

With our basic knowledge of Thai poitics we’d go with this comment and suggest a middle way will be found

Rattapon Sanrak, founder and president of Highland Network, a cannabis organization in Thailand, says regulating cannabis this way will disrupt Thai livelihoods.

“How many lives would be disrupted? How many people would face legal consequences? How many jobs would be lost? The subsequent criminal activity resulting from these impacts would be significant,” he told VOA.

The Highland group runs the Highland Café in Bangkok. It is one of nearly 6,000 weed establishments that have opened throughout the country in the past year, with over 1,200 in the Thai capital alone.

“Everything has progressed so far that it’s become a rapidly expanding industry with a lot of people and investment involved. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if the government were to put cannabis back on the controlled substances list today. Doing something like this doesn’t solve any problems, it just pushes cannabis back underground, leading to one word: chaos.”


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