What do real hippies eat?

If you’re anything like me, the term “hippie” can conjure up images of wild experiments in diet and nutrition from the ’60s and ’70s. But what does a true hippie eat these days? Are there any underlying principles that define their diets? A closer look at what real hippies are eating today reveals some exciting trends and shared ideals, even if they only sometimes follow through with them fully.

This article will look at what modern-day hippies eat regularly while exploring why confident food choices have become vital aspects of their lifestyles. So let’s dive into the wonderfully diverse world of hippie cuisine.


Whole, organic foods 

Those wishing to channel their inner hippy should look at the dietary habits they may follow. Contrary to popular belief, the stereotypical image of a starving, malnourished hippy is far from the truth. Instead, many hippies adhere to an organic diet full of natural, healthy foods. It often consists of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – locally sourced when possible – as well as whole grains and other nutrient-dense foods like nuts and seeds.

Such a diet may include some animal proteins but usually emphasize non-processed ingredients over heavily processed options. Not only does this way of eating promote better overall mental and physical health, but it also allows for more ethical eating choices. Following natural, organic foods can ensure that meals taste good and ultimately feel good too.


Vegetarianism or veganism

For many hippies, being conscious of their diet’s ecological and ethical implications is an integral part of their lifestyle. As such, vegetarianism or veganism is often adopted to reduce one’s environmental footprint and increase compassion for animals.

Not all hippies are strict vegans or vegetarians, as many combine animal proteins like eggs and fish with a vegetarian diet. But overall, it’s safe to say that most hippies opt for eating meatless meals more often than not and encouraging others to do the same if possible.


Sustainable seafood

Some may find this surprising, but sustainable seafood is also an essential aspect of the modern hippy diet. With the amount of wild-caught fish and other seafood stocks rapidly decreasing due to overfishing, a responsible approach is needed to preserve marine life while still enjoying these delicious food items.

Modern-day hippies understand this importance and try their best only to purchase seafood that has been ethically sourced using sustainable practices. It means avoiding certain species altogether and looking for seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or another recognized sustainable fishing organization.



Mushrooms are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be cooked in various dishes. They are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which can help promote good health and well-being.

Modern-day hippies often enjoy mushroom-heavy dishes such as mushroom risotto, mushroom soup, mushroom stroganoff, mushroom chocolates, and mushroom stir-fries. The vast array of mushroom types makes it easy to find the perfect mushroom for any dish.


Fermented foods

Fermented foods are becoming more popular across the board, and hippies are no exception. These ancient culinary techniques not only add delicious tastes and textures to food but are also incredibly healthy. Fermentation can produce beneficial bacteria, which help improve digestion and boost energy levels.

Options like kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and mushroom chocolates are all popular among modern-day hippies. Each of these foods tastes great and provides a wide range of health benefits.



Superfoods have been a part of traditional diets for centuries, but they’ve only recently become popular among modern hippies. These foods are said to contain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals which can support improved health and well-being.

The list of superfoods is ever-changing, but some of the most common items on a hippie’s dinner plate include dark leafy greens, goji berries, spirulina, chia seeds, and raw cacao. In addition to being incredibly nutritious, these foods can also be delicious when combined with other ingredients or eaten as snacks.


Local, seasonal produce

Hippies are staunch supporters of eating local and seasonal produce. By only purchasing items that are grown locally and in season for the region, one can ensure that the food is fresher, more affordable, and better for the environment than other options.

Eating this way also helps support local farmers and keeps money in the local economy. Plus, it’s a great way to discover new and exciting products you may have never even heard of before.


Herbal teas

Herbal teas are an excellent way for hippies to relax and unwind after a long day. Not only do they taste delicious, but many of them also have purported health benefits such as improved digestion and reduced inflammation.

Chamomile tea is trendy among modern-day hippies as it’s said to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Other herbal teas such as green tea, lemon balm, ginger tea, and peppermint tea are also consumed regularly for their purported health benefits.



Eating ethically is an integral part of the modern hippy lifestyle, and many strive to source food from local suppliers whenever possible. It often means eating organic produce which has been grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Eating local and seasonal produce is also a great way to support local farmers and the environment while enjoying fresh, delicious foods. Fermented foods, mushroom dishes, superfoods, and herbal teas are all popular among modern-day hippies as they provide a wide range of health benefits.


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