What Is the Ideal Temperature for Dabbing?

Frequent users know well that there are many different ways you can ingest cannabis. Smoking, vaping, and dabbing are among some of the most common ways you can enjoy cannabis, but even long-time cannabis enthusiasts may be confused about the best ways to go about doing so.

If you dab, you’ve likely already found your favorite type of concentrate, but do you know the best temperature you should be using to get the most out of your dab? Keep reading to learn the ideal dab temperature and about the effects of heat on your concentrate.

Understanding Why Temperature Matters

You may know the levels of THC and CBD in your concentrate, but do you know it’s terpene type and content? Terpenes are the scent and flavor molecules found in and extracted from cannabis plants. They’re what’s responsible for creating different effects and flavor profiles.

To get the most out of terpene, no matter whether it’s in the form of shatter or crumble, finding the right temperature to dab at is essential.

What’s the Ideal Dab Temperature?

Heat your concentrate to low temperature, somewhere in between 315°F and 450°F, to get the most out of your experience. This way, you are preserving the cannabinoids that would otherwise get burned off if you used more heat.

You can use your dab rig temperature gauge to warm up your concentrate just right. The same thing can be done using a nectar collector with temperature settings.

Dab Temperature Chart: Understanding the Effects of Heat

How hot is too hot? It’s hard to really know unless you’ve seen the numbers. We break down what you’ll at each temperature level in this nifty chart:

32°F – 310° F (0°C – 150°C)

This low temp dab temperature is so low that it will only get your concentrate to vaporize a little, if at all. If you don’t want a weak dab, you’ll want to heat up your cannabis concentrate just a little more.

315°F – 450°F (157°C – 232°C)

Heat your concentrate up to this range for your best low temp dab temperature. Your concentrate will vaporize but not lose any of its flavors at these low temperatures.

450°F – 900°F (232°C – 482°C)

We don’t recommend that you dab at mid-to-high temperature settings. At these temperatures, you’ll get large clouds of smoke but lose much of the flavor of your concentrate.

900°F+ (482°C+)

You should not be dabbing at such a high temperature. Not only will the heat kill all the flavor of your concentrate, but it’s also unsafe. Vapor starts releasing carcinogens and toxins when heated this high; it’s not stuff you want to be inhaling.

Terpene Flavor Chart

Each type of terpene will be noticeable at different temperatures. Here’s a breakdown of terpene type flavors at every heat level from coolest to hottest:

Myrcene (330°F – 334°F / 166°C – 168°C)

Myrcene has flavors of clove and citrus. This terpene may help users with its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Limonene (350°F / 177°C)

As you can expect from its name, limonene has notes of lemon and orange. This terpene is known to help with anxiety and depression.

Linalool (388°F / 198°C)

Linalool tastes fruity, floral, and citrusy. Users may experience relief from anxiety, stress, and insomnia with this terpene.

Caryophyllene (390°F / 199°C)

Caryophyllene is great for users who are chronically ill or have some sort of illness because it can assist with anxiety, muscle spasms, pain. This terpene has a flavor profile filled with notes of pepper, wood, and spice.

Pinene (420°F – 430°F / 216°C – 221°C)

Like limonene, its name is also a giveaway. Pinene has sweet and sharp flavors of pine and is generally helpful for users suffering from inflammation and asthma.

Humulene (435°F / 224°C)

Humulene is rich in flavors of woody earthiness, which can act as anti-inflammatory agents. This terpene is known to help with appetite suppression and pain.

Now that you know the ideal temperature for dabbing, you are well on your way to having the perfect dabbing experience. Did you find this article helpful? If you did, browse our website for more information. You can turn to the Cannabis Law Report for the latest news in the cannabis industry. We cover everything about the cannabis legislatures.



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