They write….

Now, cannabis oil producers in Scotland believe the WHO ruling will provide a fillip to the UK industry, which already serves a 250,000-strong community, according to the Cannabis Trades Association UK.

David Lewington, of CDB oil supplier Scothemp, based in West Lothian, said the Scottish farmers had become interested in large-scale cultivation of hemp from which the ‘medicinal’ oil can be produced.

“Several farmers are in talks about growing hemp but there is still a reputational drawback that puts many off,” he said. “I believe that would change if the health benefits were accepted and the products licensed as such.”

“We are a bit behind countries such as the USA and Australia at the moment, but the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are currently carrying out their own investigation so they could change their current guidance.

“The Scottish parliament is also ahead of the UK on the subject and after we made representations to Holyrood were are hopeful the Scottish Government will legislate accordingly.”