World-spanning scale of Scottish, James ‘the Don’ White’s drug network revealed

US Times Post’s rather tabloid  story (which reads as though they took it from the Sun or Mirror) details an interesting cartel operator…


THIS map shows the stunning global reach of James “The Don” White’s cocaine trafficking network.

Investigators determined each location is linked to the Scottish boss’ drug smuggling operation in the cage.

It includes homes, hotels, luxury apartments, industrial parks, gyms, business units and even prisons where the 46-year-old cartel leader and his cronies plotted to import tons of Class A narcotics into the country.

White, of Gartcosh, Lanarkshire, and his right-hand man Paul “The Captain” Fleming, 39, of Kirkintilloch near Glasgow, relied on a network of underworld partners at home and abroad to carry out the conspiracy.

But White’s playboy lifestyle ended in 2020 when he went into hiding with his lover Paula Gomes, 32, in Brazil – where it is feared his former bosses James Gillespie, 50, and brother Barry, 46, are from Rutherglen nearby were murdered by Glasgow.

After the couple’s disappearance in 2019, he rose to become the leader of the gang.

World-spanning scale of James ‘the Don’ White’s drug network revealed

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