Thankyou MJ Biz for spotting this Law360 piece…Investors might now all be aware of the dude but don’t worry the Federal Govt are clueless. At this stage of the proceedings can anybody actually tell us what Mass Roots & Dietrich actually do.

There’s a song that describes how we feel on seeing this “news”

MJ Biz report

Financially struggling marijuana technology company MassRoots received a $50,000 loan as part of the U.S. government’s Paycheck Protection Program, securing a cash infusion after earlier indications the money wouldn’t be available to cannabis companies.

Denver-based MassRoots, which offers an internet-based forum for cannabis consumers to connect and discuss various marijuana-related topics, secured the loan from Bank of America on May 3, Law360 reported.

Isaac Dietrich, MassRoots’ CEO, pointed out to Law360 that his company is an ancillary cannabis business and doesn’t touch the plant.
The publication noted that MassRoots told the Securities and Exchange Commission last year that it had a little more than $2,600 in cash on hand.

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Cannabis tech firm MassRoots receives $50,000 federal stimulus check