1.6 tonnes of hashish seized off Algarve coast

Via Portugal Resident website

another operation by Portuguese authorities off the coast of the Algarve has led to the arrest of six people and the confiscation of around 1.6 tonnes of hashish.

This latest drug bust happened in the early hours of Thursday morning (September 7), led by the Portuguese Maritime Authority, Navy and Air Force, around 93 kilometres southeast of the region.

In total, 46 bales of hashish were seized, along with six jerrycans filled with fuel and the speedboat that was transporting the cargo.

Six people of Spanish and Moroccan nationality, aged between 21 and 48, were aboard the boat and were arrested, having been brought to land to be formally identified, the Maritime Authority said in a statement.

“The National Maritime Authority, Navy and Portuguese Airforce have been continuously carrying out missions combatting drug trafficking in the Algarve, having since the start of the year arrested 78 people and seized 32 high-speed boats with around 33 tons of drugs,” the statement added.

Just last week, a similar operation led to the confiscation of 1.1 tonnes of hashish south of the Algarve.

1.6 tonnes of hashish seized off Algarve coast

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