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Rod Kight


Banking Issues Continue to Vex Lawful Hemp Businesses

The marijuana industry’s lack of meaningful access to banking services is a phenomenon that continues to bleed into and affect the legal hemp sector. A number of my clients had their bank accounts closed without notice this year. In most cases, the banks issued them certified checks for the balances in their accounts.

William F. McDevitt


Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana: Physician Duties

Patients and caregivers seeking a prescription for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania must register online, obtain a certification from a physician and obtain an identification card from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Margolin and Lawrence


A Macro-Overview of Cannabis Microbusiness Laws In California

Our Los Angeles Cannabis Attorneys are constantly fielding questions about a popular license category called microbusiness. The Type 12 license allows you to engage in multiple cannabis activities on the same premises. For example, you could cultivate up to 10,000 sq. ft. of canopy, and distribute, and deliver under one license for microbusiness.

Daily Wrap Up

California Wrap: Los Angeles, Mountain View City , Napa, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo County

California Wrap: Los Angeles, Mountain View City , Napa, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo County

12 December 2017: Los Angeles, California Releases Adult-Use Regulations. America’s biggest marijuana market finalizes rules for recreational weedThe Los Angeles City Council approved a dense set of recreational marijuana regulations for cultivation, sales and business licensing.. San Francisco cannabis report: Consumption to spike, prices to plummet. Sacramento Bee Publishes Map Of Legal Cannabis Grows In Region. Napa passes ordinance clearing way to medical marijuana sales, outdoor growing . SMC Board Approves Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance Meanwhile, a prohibition has been extended on personal outdoor and all other commercial cultivation. Mountain ViewCity Council puts temporary ban on retail marijuana. Exception for cannabis deliveries could roll out in January.

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