Talking risk management for your business: CANNABIS INSURANCE



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Talking risk management for your business: CANNABIS INSURANCE

Blazers & Blazers is the NACB’s monthly webinar with our financial services/banking partner Emerging Markets Coalition where we bring together the Blazers of the cannabis industry with the Blazers of the financial services/banking industry. This lively and entertaining interactive event centers around cannabis banking best practices, various cash management strategies, and all things related to educating and hearing from the industry.

NACB and EMC Members, along with “cannabis enthusiastic” guests are encouraged to interact, ask questions, and feel a part of this immersive experience. Hosted by NACB’s own Geoffrey Gallegos, NACB’s Research Attorney, self-described “rookie lawyer” and jazz musician extraordinaire, his laid-back style breaks down the conversation, adds a humorous and fun tone (to an otherwise “un-fun” subject) while ensuring no voice is left unheard.

Now is the time to bring banking, financial services, and cannabis together for us to jointly, better shape the future of the industry; we invite you to join us for Blazers & Blazers – 3rd Thursday of each month at 5PM Central.

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