Law & Ethics: The Psychedelics Industry & Indigenous Peoples, a PBA four-part series


This 2023 forum series brings together some of the world’s most engaged Indigenous scholars and psychedelic lawyers to explore legal and ethical frameworks of Indigenous Peoples and Western psychedelic medicine and business. Non-lawyers are also encouraged to attend. The cross-cultural issues addressed in this series are foundational to all spokes of the psychedelic economy. Developing a relationship with them is valuable for any professional seeking to competently guide their psychedelic organizations.

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Part 1: Indigenize Your Legal Competency

When? Thursday, April 14, 2023 at 11:30 am – 1 pm PST; 2:30 pm – 4 pm EST

Where? Free & on Zoom, Registration is limited. REGISTER HERE for availability.

What? Part 1 provides framing for Western-trained professionals engaging Indigenous systems of medicine. You’ve heard about “Indigenous reciprocity,” “benefit-sharing” and “benefit honoring” in the context of psychedelics and you know it’s important with respect to your own work and advising clients. You’ve heard these concepts are more than philanthropy. So what are they? What ethical frameworks and structural protections can Western lawyers, practitioners, and companies working with psychedelic medicine employ with respect to Indigenous Peoples, and the plants, land, and knowledge they steward? What are Indigenous communities thinking about with respect to the psychedelic “renaissance” and what are respectful ways Western psychedelic stakeholders may move forward? How can different ways of knowing and seeing the world, relationships, and plants co-exist meaningfully, and in a way that allows for the different ways to co-exist equally? What do existing laws require? What might emerging law require of the psychedelic medicine industry in order to build an ethical framework that includes all stakeholders? 

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