4 Famous Cannabis Accessories and How to Personalize Them


The market for marijuana accessories has blossomed in recent years, and users have never had so many options for elevating their experience. We’ll provide you with the most luxurious accessories without breaking the bank.

These goods will make any session a spectacular affair, whether you’re an old-school bud smoker or dabble in the huge world of concentrates. We’ll start at the bottom for those on a tighter budget and work our way up to some of the most famous accessories on the market today and how you can alter them to add your own personal touch.

Ceramic bong

These bongs are not only for smoking and hiding, but you can also be proud of them and place them on your coffee table. Your ceramic bong can be placed anywhere in the home to improve the aesthetics of the space. You, on the other hand, will always have your bong with you and won’t forget where you put it. As a result, it serves not only as a smoking device but also as an attractive feature that enhances the appearance of your surroundings.

Ceramic bongs look amazing on their own, but what you can do is paint them. Do your research on how to paint your bong and start customizing. Make sure you’re doing it correctly and slowly, one step at a time, to not miss a step and destroy your prized bong. There are special types of color that should be put on ceramic so with that in mind, do your research and get artsy.


Stash boxes

In recent years, specialized containers for keeping cannabis have gotten more complex and are a must-have for any cannabis fan. The best stash box for keeping your flower fresh has been created by the new weed culture, which has taken the classic cigar humidor and turned it into the best stash box for keeping your weed fresh. You can also get smaller containers to suit two strains or go for a nine-strain monster if you want to splurge. Every marijuana user should get one of these because it has built-in drawers and pre-roll settings. 

The best thing about these fancy stash boxes is that you can customize them to your liking. You can order them with your name engraved into them or you can customize them at home. You can paint them in any color you like or even engrave them with a laser if you’ve got one. If you’re planning to DIY customize them, make sure that you’ve got the right equipment to avoid damage. 


Rolling tray

Consider one that will make the first stop on the journey to outer space genuinely memorable and individualized, as the modest rolling tray is the launchpad for many a successful smoking sesh. Many companies allow you to personalize your own rolling tray with any image you like.

Why roll on a boring wooden tray when you can have your customized one that’s according to your liking? One piece of advice we would give is to order a rolling tray with a funny image printed on it. This way you will enjoy your rolling more and find it funny after your session. That’s just our recommendation, you can put whatever you like on there and have it delivered to your home.



These are big ones in the smoking community. You can have them in every material that’s not going to melt or burn. Not only that but you can order molds online and make your very own ashtrays. You can make them in every shape and size you would like and they will make sure to make your smoking sessions more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re not a big fan of making things, you can upgrade your old ashtrays to look amazing and personalize them however you like. Depending on the material of the ashtray, different paints need to be used when painting. Make sure to get the correct type of paint, grab a brush and unleash the artist in you. The only thing you need to remember is that you can’t use the ashtray after you painted it as the paint needs to dry before your next smoking session.

Final thoughts

In recent years, the look of marijuana decorations and accessories have changed dramatically and in a good way. Cannabis is no longer relegated to adolescent bedrooms and basement hangouts as a taboo subject. As more states legalize marijuana and the stigma associated with it fades, cannabis has become a more common part of people’s daily lives. This means putting it into a fashionable and attractive marijuana interior design that can also be customized however you like.


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