4 Ways to Improve Cannabis Bud Quality


Growing denser, more potent, and quality cannabis bud is nothing less than an art. As the cannabis market is growing exponentially, cultivators are figuring out new ways to make their new business profitable by growing quality cannabis buds. In reality, most growers struggle to achieve the desired quality of weed buds.

A multitude of factors determines the quality of cannabis buds including temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, and nutrition. It is not impossible to grow superior buds, any cultivator can improve the quality by paying special attention to the aforesaid factors. You can go for authentic weed delivery in saskatoon.


4 Ways to Improve Cannabis Bud Quality 

Research before you grow cannabis buds, study the factors that make or break the yield, and ways to improve quality. Gather information about the strain you are growing and try to provide the proper conditions. Here are some ways to improve the quality of cannabis buds 


Get Quality Cannabis Seeds 

Similar to cooking, a delicious meal requires the use of high-quality ingredients. Similarly, superior quality seeds are essential for boosting the quality of buds. Remember that the right genetics is essential for buds to be dense and potent. While your growing skills and experience make a huge difference, a bud can not overpower its genes.

It is the most important step of the process that you should not get it wrong at any cost. If you have no idea about getting quality cannabis seeds, ask local experienced growers to source the best seeds. Get an appropriate-sized container, preferably large, to plant seeds, and do not limit their ability to grow.


Ensure Air Circulation and Grow Room 

It is important to leave space between cannabis plants and give them enough room to grow. Proper spacing allows enhanced air circulation, hence, allowing them to reach their full growth potential. The size and density of buds will increase exponentially as they get direct light and proper airflow.


Temperature and Humidity 

One of the most crucial aspects that most growers get wrong is maintaining the right temperature and humidity. Humidity and temperature needs are different for each cannabis strain and growth stage. 


  • Seedlings – Seedlings grow well at the range of 65-75°F with 60% to 70% humidity for the first couple of weeks.
  • Vegetative Stage – Young cannabis plants do well at 70-85°F and reduce the humidity by 5% till the plant starts flowering.
  • Flowering Stage – During the flowering stage, the preferred temperature range is 68-77°F with 40-50% humidity.


Additionally, ensure the availability of CO2 if you are growing cannabis plants indoors. Further, try to maintain preferred humidity levels to maintain the health of the cannabis bud.


Provide Proper Nutrients & Lighting 

Cultivators use HID, CFL, and LED lights for plants growing in a warehouse or greenhouse. Determine the heat and light required by the plant before purchasing a light source.

To grow fat buds, give cannabis plants the required dosage of nutrients, especially during vegetative and flowering stages. In the vegetative stage, cannabis buds need growth-stimulating nitrogen and phosphorus coupled with a nominal amount of potassium. Use cannabis-specific nutrients to grow dense, potent buds.

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