42 Years Old UK Cannabis Dealer Puts His Mom’s Address As Return To Sender On Package Containing 27 Ounces Of Weed

He even had some more stashed away in his Mom’s loft.

As they say in the UK “some mothers do ‘ave them!”

The UK Press reports

A daft cannabis dealer was tracked down by cops after he left a ‘return to sender’ address on the back of a suspiciously smelly package.

Daniel Mann, 42, had politely written his mum’s address on the illicit parcel in case it had to be returned, according to ChronicleLive

He had sent a large amount of the pungent drug to his friend in the post, leaving Post Office staff at South Gosforth, Newcastle in no doubt what the package contained.

The workers quickly alerted the police, who were able to catch him with little effort thanks to the address and CCTV footage.

When it was opened they found 757g (27 ounces) of cannabis inside with later searches turning up even more of the Class B substance, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Police found £5,120 in cash and 190g of cannabis at his home, and he had also stashed 622g in his mum’s loft without her knowledge.

The drugs at the post office were worth up to £5,940.

The total value of the drugs, weighing more than 1.5 kilos, was up to £12,440, the court heard.

Source:  https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/dopey-dealer-caught-after-posting-25958535


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