Many people may have heard of CBD Oil but are unsure of what it actually is and its benefits to the human body. 

So, let’s take a look from the top five health benefits.


What Is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol also known as CBD was discovered way back in 1940. CBD is a product that is taken from the cannabis plant. Unlike other by products of cannabis like marijuana it does not create a high on intoxication feeling. To get high-quality products, visit Ulu CBD store.


1 – CBD Oil Can Help Relieve Pain

CBD oil is known to help with chronic pain, by taking the edge off. It is a natural approach to helping with injuries and because it doesn’t have side effects like intoxication or getting high, and can really help people who have chronic pain such as back problems.

There are various forms of taking CBD oil including liquid and capsule forms which are all available from CBD Queen including e liquid, capsules and skin care products.

CBD oil is also known to work well with injuries such as headaches, migraines, IBS, multiple sclerosis and others. Standard medication that is often prescribed can have side effects that can affect damage to the liver and kidneys. CBD oil does not have such side effects.

You also do not need a prescription to buy CBD oil unlike most other remedies your doctor may suggest, but it is available on prescription from your doctor in the United Kingdom.

There are different laws regarding using and purchasing CBD oil in different countries so always make sure to check all laws before exploring CBD oil.


2 – CBD Oil Can Help With Anxiety And Depression

There have been recent studies that show taking CBD oil can really help people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

CBD oil works a lot more effectively in helping with anxiety compared to smoking marijuana which can cause paranoia and actually induce higher anxiety levels in the long term.

CBD oil has shown to help those you suffer from depression as it can have a positive impact on the serotonin receptors within the brain, which help control your mood.

As it is a natural substance with low side effects it can sometimes be better than the normal prescribed drugs for depression which can cause side effects such as mood swings and sleepless nights.

A study in 2016 discovered it can help reduce symptoms felt after post traumatic stress or trauma and reduces anxiety as well as helping the person fall asleep much easier.

As always tho it’s important to consult your doctor before taking CBD oil to help with anxiety or depression and also check all laws regarding CBD oil in the country you reside.


3 – CBD Oil Can Help With Skin Acne

CBD oil is proven to help in some circumstances with acne on the skin. It can be added to a soap bar which you can then use to wash your face with.

CBD oil is easily absorbed by the skin and has no side effects and prevents itchiness and flare ups of acne.

It will help with inflammation and is used regularly can prevent future flare ups and help with the skin healing in affected areas.

It is normally best not to use CBD oil by itself on the skin but to apply it on soap or mixed with your face cream before applying to your skin. Before using CBD oil to help with any skin problems it’s always a good idea to speak to a dermatologist or a doctor for advice.

Even if you do not suffer from acne or skin problems, applying CBD oil can be really beneficial for your skiing. It can help make it glow and stop your skin from drying out and peeling. 


4 – CBD Oil Can Help With Cancer Treatments

There are some recent studies that show using CBD oil can help with cancer treatment side effects.

Cancer treatments can often cause the person to often feel sick and lethargic. Taking CBD oil can help with the nausea and can help stop the patient vomiting after treatment.

Due to CBD oil having anti anxiety properties it can be used as a complementary treatment for people alongside their normal cancer treatment.

To decide which CBD product is best suited for you, make sure you research the product thoroughly and read reviews before making any purchases or taking it as a treatment.


5 – CBD Oil Can Help The Heart

There are some studies that show taking CBD oil can help keep your heart healthy and in good condition. CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory products so it can help with heart problems which are mainly caused by inflammation such as stroke, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

There have been previous tests on lab animals that show taking CBD oil after a heart attack can help with some of the heart that has been damaged. This has only been tested on lab rats so far but this shows it might be really beneficial for humans as well. 



As you can see there are various health benefits to taking CBD oil and with more trials and research taking place all the time we are sure to discover even more health benefits from taking it.

There are various forms of CBD oil with many different brands available all of which have various price ranges. Recent sales have almost doubled over the past few years as it is becoming more popular as a herbal medicine.

It can be picked up from some local health stores as well as many reputable online shops. It’s always best to shop around before making your purchase and to research as much as possible on the brand to help you make the right decision.

CBD oil can interfere with other drug treatments that you may be taking such as warfarin, clobazam and theophylline and also can react to alcohol, so always read up on information regarding CBD Oil and speak to your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.