5 Most Popular CBD Strains And Their Uses

Cannabis is slowly growing as a go-to remedy for coping with a variety of ailments. The natural therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes offer a low side effect treatment option for several health challenges.

The trend especially became popular with the emergence of CBD dominant strains and infused products that purely offer health benefits without the controversial psychoactive effects of weed. As research expands to prove the therapeutic efficacy of CBD flower, more people are excited to induce the compound into their everyday lives for good health and overall wellness.



If you are curious about trying CBD strains to relish the various benefits, here we share the top five strains you can consider along with their uses. You can choose the strains best suited for your application to ensure outstanding results.

  1. Stephen Hawking Kush

A striking balance of THC and CBD in strains can introduce intense relaxation of the mind and body to promote healing while simultaneously energizing and refreshing the system. The Stephen Hawking kush is one such exemplary strain that can generally carry a bold balance of CBD to THC at a 1:1 ratio. Not just that, the minty, berrylicious flavors of the strained bond ideally create incredible edibles. You can whip up drool-worthy candies like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies at home with these buds.

Specific phenotypes of the strain can carry a predominant presence of CBD at around 22%, thus shifting the ratios of 5:1. In either case, the plant works favorably for users looking to ease stress, anxiety, and restlessness.


A high CBD level induces a more potent relaxation that can be overpowering, blissful, and mellow. Lower levels will still keep the individuals active while calming their minds. The former works well as a nighttime choice to resolve insomnia, relieve pain, and ease anxiety. It can also come in handy to cope with multiple sclerosis and tremors.

  1. Harle- Tsu

Harle-Su is across strain carrying the genetics of Sour Tsunami clone and Harlequin male. Like its parents, the strain has a wonderful balance of cannabinoids that contributes to its unparalleled value. The strain holds the award for the best CBD flower at the Emerald Cup 2014.

The yields constitute an exceptional CBD percentage of 18% and a hint of THC at 0.86% that together exhibit the entourage effect for enhanced therapeutic benefits. The 20:1 CBD to THC ratio favors users seeking deep relaxation of the mind and body without an intoxicating side effect. The dominating aroma of citrus, lemon, and earthy flavors compliments the calming effects of the cannabinoids elegantly.

The strain also contains a rich cocktail of terpenes such as ocimene, terpinolene, humulene, myrcene, and pinene. This mixture enables benefits such as easing chronic pain and inflammation, providing stress relief, and treating epilepsy.

  1. Charlottes Web

Charlotte`s Web commonly referred to as the Hippie`s Disappointment, is a historic strain known for its powerful CBD presence with little or no THC. The laughing Buddha strain grew massive popularity due to its role in the treatment of Dravet syndrome patient Charlotte Figi.

The Afghani genetics of the hybrid gives it a herbal, earthy aroma that is soothing and enchanting. The natural composition allows you to enjoy the flavors more than the CBD itself, which is beneficial considering the terpenes have a calming impact on the mind and body.



Based on dosage, Charlotte web can have mellow, mild buzz effects or deep relaxation that makes you sleepy. One of the most potent benefits of the strain is its ability to influence seizure control. Over time it can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in users.

  1. ACDC

One of the most popular CBD strains, ACDC carries a jaw-dropping cannabidiol ratio at 20:1 – CBD: THC. The hint of THC works miracles as a companion to CBD while interacting with the endocannabinoid system. But the low concentration keeps the effects of the compound completely shadowed, thus making ACDC a preferred strain for users susceptible to the side effects of THC.

The strain is ideal for daily medicinal cannabis users seeking benefits such as pain, anxiety, and stress relief. The cannabinoid and terpene cocktail work efficiently to create a calm and composed mind and induce gentle physical relaxation. These effects help to cope with even severe cases of anxiety where the mood elevation property additionally helps bring mental balance and euphoria.

  1. Elektra

Elektra carries a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica genetics at 50% each. It exhibits a dominant CBD presence at a cannabinoid ratio of 19:1 CBD to THC. The strain hails from ACDC, and Early Resin Berry contributes to the mellow feeling from using this herb.


Elektra is a deeply relaxing strain that has a strong, overpowering, complex palette of bold flavors. The medley of berries, citrus, cherries flavors are thoroughly therapeutic and wonderfully complement the cannabidiol. The strain works best for treating cramps, pain, mood swings, and stress, especially during menstrual cycles. It can ease aches and discomfort without inducing sleep, thus making it an attractive choice of daytime CBD strains.


Cannabidiol enriched strains are an effective way of relishing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It supports enhanced mental and physical wellness for various age groups while eliminating the psychoactive properties of weed. Try these five impeccable CBD strains that can be healing and refreshing to your body and mind.

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