5 Quality Standards That Every Herb Grinder Should Pass

If you’re a passionate pothead and you love to smoke up after a long day at work, you need a good grinder. However, with so many herb grinders available on the market, finding the right one can be more complicated than it seems.

Not all grinders are made the same. Some are made from wood; others are made from aluminum or titanium. You can also find two-piece and three-piece grinders, so making the right choice requires a good understanding of the best quality standards. So stay with us, and we’ll explain everything you need to know to make the best purchasing decision.

Why Use a Grinder?

Even though you can cut your buds into smaller sizes with scissors or using your fingers, grinders are a much better option. They are designed to help you prepare the perfect herb powder you can vape or simply smoke in a joint. Grinders are very effective, and you don’t need more than a few seconds to prepare your herb for smoking. In addition, grinders compress your herb, allowing you to get the most out of every batch. But a good grinder has to have certain features, so let’s take a closer look at the important stuff.

Quality Grinder Features

1. Tooth Count – Between 30 and 50

The number of teeth your grinder has is the most important feature next to the material it’s made from. There are many different types of grinders with different tooth counts. The number of teeth is crucial as it impacts the quality of the grinding. The idea is to get one that doesn’t clog up when you use it.

The standard tooth count is 50, and most high-quality grinders have 50 teeth. However, the number of teeth depends on the size of the grinder. For example, if your grinder is only 2.5” in diameter, 50 teeth could lead to clogging. On the other hand, if it is bigger and has only 50 teeth, nugs could slip through, making it much harder to grind the herb to perfection.

The shape of the teeth also plays an important role. If they are spread too far away from each other or are mashed closely together, it can also impact the grinding process negatively.

2. Durability

Some grinders are made out of wood; others are made from metals or plastic. It should go without saying that the material’s durability also plays a significant role as you want your grinder to last for a long time. The most important parts are the chambers, the teeth, and the magnets.

With that said, if the grinder you want to buy is made from solid materials, the magnet is the first thing you should look at. Those with weak or faulty magnets can easily open up when you don’t want them to, which will make you lose your herb. Of course, you could replace them for about $20, but most high-quality grinders cost about $50, so it’s not worth it. With that said, you should always go for products made from metals, as they last the longest.

3. The Number of Chambers

Today, you can find grinders with 1, 2, or 3 chambers. Single chamber grinders are called basic grinders, and they simply grind your herb into a smaller size. 2-chamber grinders have a special compartment you can use to store your herb in. Lastly, 3-chamber grinders also have a bottom chamber where all the kief fall into.

Kief is fine dust made from THC particles that fall off the buds over time. Once the chamber is filled, you’ll get a fine, highly potent dust you can sprinkle on top of your herbs.

4. Screen Quality

The best herb grinders need a high screen quality as it directly affects the freshness of the herb. The best screen quality will help your weed stay fresh for much longer. However, there’s also an issue with deterioration. Screens tend to fall apart over time, losing their protective qualities, so you should always pick a grinder with high-quality screens made from durable materials. That way, you know that they won’t fall apart after a few months.

5. Seal Quality

Last but not least, the quality of the seal is another feature you should consider before making a purchase. The seal has the role of keeping your buds fresh and making sure that the odors stay within the grinder. Unfortunately, most affordable options have a poor seal, so you can’t keep your herb inside them without everyone around you knowing about it. Consider only models with the best-quality seals, and you’ll be just fine.


When it comes to buying the best herb grinders, you have to know how to spot a high-quality product among so many poorly-designed ones. Always make sure that all features in our list are made to the best industry standards, and you’ll be able to find the perfect herb grinder for your needs.



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