5 Top Rated Vape Tanks Of 2021



Since it began, vaping has transitioned a lot, and it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all affair. Every vaper out there has specific preferences and aspects they desire in their vape device, especially the type of tanks they use.



When selecting a vape tank, there are numerous options out there, and they can make the biggest difference in how you enjoy your vape juice. There are various vape tanks from MTL tanks, rebuildable atomizers, and sub-ohm tanks. There are even tanks designed for wax and dry herbs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the best vape tanks on the market in 2021!


1.   Freemax Mesh Pro

Before they erupted as a reliable brand in the vaping industry, Freemax was a relatively unknown brand a couple of years back. They came into the limelight thanks to their unique coil system that gave an unprecedented level of purity in terms of flavor.

Their Freemax mesh tank is designed to be used with mesh coils only, and there are three variations you can choose from — a quad coil that stands at 0.15ohm, a double coil that registers at 0.2ohm, and a single-coil at 0.15ohm.

These tanks are simply designed for flavor above anything else, and if you’re a flavor chaser, you’ll enjoy them. You can also take them apart pretty easily for cleaning.


2.   Uwell Valyrian 2

There’s a reason this tank is top on our list. Its ability to give you an intense flavor and huge smoke clouds through top-notch engineering makes this tank stunning. This is the 2.0 version, and it improves many of the features the first model had.

The top-fill cap is spring-loaded, and it can pop off just by applying firm pressure on the subtle release switch. Under the lid, you’ll find kidney-shaped vape juice application holes. The coils on this tank are firmly held in place by a base threading, and the chimney firmly grips the coil in place to prevent condensation or leakage.



The Valyrian has three adjustable holes at the base to help the user have complete control over cloud production and draw tightness. The tank also comes with a few unscrews to help with cleaning access, so you always have a clean tank to maintain flavor purity.

The Uwell Valyrian 2 tank also comes with two coils: a 0.14ohm UN2-2 dual coil and a pre-installed 0.32ohm UN2 single coil. Both of them are solely intended for intense sub-ohm use.


3.   Vaporesso Veco

The Vaporesso Veco is among the top versatile tanks you can find out there. The Veco tank is famous for its ease of use and leak-proof design. It also has numerous features, such as an internal mechanism that allows you to swap your coil without losing your vape juice.



Another of the many significant aspects of this Veco vape tank is its coil system. It has an Eco Universal Coil (EUC), meaning it’s much more affordable because of the low cost of construction materials.

You can easily change the coils by unscrewing the base cap, taking out the old one, and popping in a new one. The EUC is a mess-free system that presents no fuss during removal or any cross-threading issues.

The Veco comes in several variations, including one that uses tea-tree fibers rather than cotton for a much cleaner flavor, a ceramic and a mesh version for quick absorption and more flavor production.

Among the many features it has, the one that stands out the most is that it uses an ecological invested brand of coils, contributing to reducing waste.


4.   Geekvape Zeus

The Geekvape Zeus is an impressive sub-ohm tank from Geekvape — they make nearly-indestructible vape devices and mods. They developed this tank with the same ingenuity, thus its many brilliant innovations and professional design.

It’s a large tank, but surprisingly it features a top airflow system that helps avoid spills and leaks. Once the vape tank is filled with the e-liquid, there is no place for it to escape.

This tank has a simple coil system that uses mesh coils to quicken the absorption of the vape juice. When you want to change the coils, it’s pretty easy. Simply slide out the old coil, and slip in the new one into the marked spots. Use Buddha strain along with vaping for more pleasure and clam fragrance experience.


5.   Aspire Cleito Pro

The Cleito Pro is the latest addition to the Cleito series of vape tanks from Aspire. These tanks are designed to be classy and elegant, and it doesn’t trade effectiveness to be eye-candy. It’s excellent at smoke reduction and cloud production.


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