Hanway Publish EU Novel Food Regs – Report

Here’s the press release in full

Hanway Associates are pleased to announce the release of our EU Novel Food Regulations Report


Despite the fact that EU ‘novel food’ regulations are directly relevant to CBD businesses, significant confusion on the topic persists.  Uncertainty as to what the regulations really mean for the industry remains, and is confounded by inconsistent enforcement across Member States and conflicting advice offered by industry associations.

Our 20-page EU Novel Food Regulations Report cuts through the noise and misinformation to provide an impartial and authoritative explanation of the Novel Food Regulations, coupled with regulatory and commercial insight for CBD businesses. .

    The EU Novel Food Regulations Report is written for CBD brands, distributors and retailers operating within (or considering entering) EU markets.

    Key topics covered by the report include: 

    • EU Novel Food Regulations, and how they relate to different categories of hemp-derived food products
    • The novel food authorisation procedure
    • Enforcement at the EU Member State level (incl. the UK)
    • Industry Responses to the novel foods issue
    • Hanway’s view on likely developments in the European CBD food industry
    • Risk mitigation strategies for companies within the industry.

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