6 Best Marijuana Strains to Ease Anxiety

The modern world is evolving at lightning-fast speed and has gifted people with many boons. One needs to keep in mind that the boons join the bay. You will be thrilled to know that, as per a significant mental health survey, about 284 million individuals suffer from anxiety disorder on a global basis.

This indicates that the chances of the neurodevelopmental disorder can increase by a large percentage with rolling of a few years. There are many medical solutions available for this chronic and common ailment. But how would you know that these solutions are safe for you? Here, you will explore the top six marijuana strains that will offer you a safe and natural way to control your anxiety.


There are many reasons why this particular strain is present at the top of the list. First of all, it is a blended strain packed with high CBD content and low THC content. It has almost 17% CBD content in it which makes it flexible for one and all. Many people choose this strain because it has a high capacity to produce happy hormones in the brain, feelings of relaxation, and a comparatively low psychoactive effect.

If you want to control your anxiety and inflammation symptoms, do check this one out. Don’t you know much about strains and have no idea where to begin your shopping? Then feel free to check out magic shrooms in Canada. It is one of Canada’s top weed purchasing spots that offers you a variety and quality strains.



Northern Lights Strain 

The northern lights are a renowned strain for reducing anxiety, mainly due to their immediate and potent effects. It is an Indica-based strain with 10% of Sativa and about 90% of Indica. THC percentage of this strain is relatively high and stands at about 22%. On the other hand, the CBD percentage is about 1%.

Nevertheless, the intensity of the pinene terpenes and the myrcene terpenes aids you in balancing the string effect of the THC. This strain can help you get rid of anxiety and boost your sleep quality and treat insomnia.

Cherry Pie

This Indica-based hybrid marijuana is potent when it comes to promoting a crystal-clear mind with a creative high like mochi gelato. It is a fantastic blend of Granddaddy purple and the Durban poison. With two of the renowned base strains, you might have high expectations from the Cherry pie. Well, it surely would not offend you. This strain is available from anywhere between 13 to 23% THC levels. The unique quality of Cherry pie is that it allows you to remain alert and calm both simultaneously. It is perfect for a creative buzz and throwing away your anxiety and distraction.




The AC/DS is again a Sativa-based strain and highly effective for controlling anxiety. Made from Cannatonic phenotype, this strain has the highest amount of CBD. It comes with almost 19% CBD content and boasts a ratio of about 20:1 CBD: THC, which helps offset the strong characteristics of psychoactive effects.

Two of the most notable effects of this strain include light feeling and relaxation. Besides that, it might reduce chronic pain and the effects of chemotherapy. An earthy sweetness and mild citrus flavor have made this strain immensely popular among people.

White Widow

The White Widow is a Sativa-based hybrid Marijuana strain and the perfect combination of the South American Sativa and South Indian Indica. This strain was quite a hot cake when first unveiled in the Amsterdam cafe scenes dating back to the mid-1990s. It is still a prevalent strain in North America.

The white widow was also one of the very first European imports to land on the American shores. It is renowned for many qualities, but one of its best qualities is to help consumers control signs of anxiety.

It can help you get rid of anxiousness and all the relevant issues that come with it. The symptoms that it can help decrease include stress, chronic pain, depression, paranoia, and insomnia. Its effects can easily last up to one and a half to two hours after consumption.



Last but not least, Jillybean walks the fine line between calming and energizing feelings. Many people who used this strain stated that it works perfectly if you try out marijuana strains for the first time. It comes with an excellent essence, a handy texture, a citrus taste, and a pleasant feeling. The THC and CBD levels in this strain are also well balanced. It can help you increase your concentration and cut out your anxiety.

Some of its other health advantages include a balanced blood pressure level and a proper weight. You can consider this as a robust combination for balancing both your mental and physical health.



The Bottom Line

Cannabis strains are making a significant mark when contributing to treating mental health conditions today. If you are new to the marijuana world, you must know that these magical herbs have come a long way now. As per studies, its variety of strains and extracts bestows more than just recreation. Before you use this treatment, make sure you consult with a health expert for a second opinion.

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