6 Strange Facts About Maeng Da Kratom

Not many people in the West know much about Kratom. There is a lot of confusion about whether this plant is an opioid or shares similar properties with opioids. In its native region Southeast Asia, Kratom is just an ordinary tree whose leaves are packed with health and wellness benefits.

In Southeast Asia, people use Kratom as a traditional supplement for relaxation, to boost energy, and manage pain. Kratom can help you if you have any of these problems and even more, including anxiety and depression.

With the search for alternative medicine for chronic ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, researchers are turning to traditional remedies. The search has led to the discovery of plants such as Kratom that can treat various conditions. But alternative medicine isn’t yet widespread in the West, making most of these plants illegal, controlled, or scheduled.

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular strains. It is highly potent, and you can get the best quality Maeng da kratom from bulkkratomnow.com. But do you know that this variety packs secrets that will surprise you?


Red and White Varieties Come from Exposure to Sun

Did you know that the white variety comes from less exposure to the sun? Yes, the leave veins are white. Much exposure to the sun turns the veins red. When the leaves are harvested before they are exposed to the sun, they remain white. And that’s how you get white Maeng Da.

The red variety comes from allowing the leaves to mature in the sun, which turns them red. The white Maeng Da has a high alkaloid content, which gives it powerful stimulating, and energy-boosting effects.


Maeng Da Kratom Has Been Used in Tea for Centuries

Many people are just getting to know Maeng Da kratom, but traditional societies used it in their tea centuries ago. In traditional Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, kratom tea is a regular herbal tea.


6 Strange Facts About Maeng Da


‘Maeng Da’ means ‘pimp grade’

In English, the name  ‘Maeng Da’ means nothing much than just a kratom variety. But in its native land, it means ‘pimp grade’. Now before you get funny ideas, it does not have anything to do with what you may have in mind.

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent strains. The natives chew the leaves to feel highly energetic, motivated, and euphoric and stimulate the body as a whole. You now understand why it is called ‘pimp grade’. It’s because of its high quality


Maeng Da is a Hybrid

Unlike other variants of Kratom that occur naturally, Maeng Da is a grafted variety. The grafting is not a recent activity, though. Skillful Southeast Asian farmers carefully grated the breed centuries ago. Now, it grows naturally across the region. Grafting uses tissues from different plants and joins them to breed a plant with the qualities of both the parent strains.

Maeng Da is a very rare strain that comes from mixing red vein with white and green vein Kratom. This is what gives it such powerful pain relief and stimulating effects. Depending on the major donor, Maeng Da comes in four varieties, including white, red, green, and gold.


Lower Doses are Stimulating, but Higher doses are sedating

The strangest thing about Maeng Da is that lower and high doses have completely contrasting effects. You’d expect high doses to increase the effects of lower doses, but that’s not the case with Maeng Da kratom.

When you take low doses, Maeng Da will elevate your sense and stimulate your entire body. You’ll feel more alert and focused with as little as 4 grams. At higher doses, its effects are entirely opposite. It will leave you heavily sedated.



You may be used to kratom powder in pills and capsules, traditional societies just added it into their tea. They used it for the same health benefits people use today. They used the herbal remedy to treat various ailments, including diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and coughing.

The traditional societies understood the power of Kratom more than is known today. They also used it for pain medication and to withdraw from opium addiction. They would take it to stimulate their bodies and add them energy when working on the field.


Maeng Da Can Boost Libido

By now, you probably know that Maeng Da is a very potent kratom. But do you know that it can also boost libido? Its sedating effects also act as a strong sexual stimulant.

In men, it is useful in boosting libido and prolonging orgasm. It increases mobility, sperm count and improves contraception.


If you want to discover the powerful health effects of Maeng Da Kratom, get your supply from liable vendors. Quality Maeng Da Kratom for sale should be fresh, potent, and adequately packaged. If you purchase online, you can have your product delivered at your door if Kratom is legal in your state.

Beginners should start with low doses of about 1 gram. Maeng Da Kratom is very potent, and high doses can overwhelm a novice user. It provides high energy levels at low doses, and you can use it to boost your energy when you feel exhausted.


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