Dear MED Stakeholders and Licensees,

Today, the State Licensing Authority adopted emergency rules specific to reinstatement of expired business licenses.

Effective January 1, 2020, a license is immediately invalid following its expiration (please see the MED Compliance Tip for additional information). The emergency adopted rules provide a process for reinstatement of expired business licenses that meet the requirements established under the rules.

Please note that a business with an expired license cannot operate unless it receives approval for reinstatement of its license or receives a new business license. A business with an expired license must submit a new business application with requisite fees. The business may also request reinstatement of the license, but only if (a) the license expired within the previous 30 days; (b) the business submitted a new business license application with required fees; (c) the business submits reinstatement fee(s); and (d) the business can establish it has maintained or obtained a valid local license/approval. Any business with a license that has been reinstated can resume operations until final agency action is taken on its new business license application.

The emergency rules (attached here) will also be found on on the MED Laws and Regulations page here.

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