8 Things to Keep in Mind While Cooking with CBD

People are discovering more and more benefits of cannabidiol (or CBD for short). It’s being used for manufacturing cosmetics, drugs, oils, and even household items. What’s more, it also proves beneficial in treating mental illnesses, sleep disorders, pain, and other issues. And since these are plant-based products, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are also trying to cook with CBD. You can absorb it in capsules, vape oils, tincture, and more, as well as simply eat it. There are some ready-to-eat edibles like gummies, but you can also add it to your food while cooking – there are plenty of CBD breakfast ideas, dinner recipes, smoothies, and more. Here are some things you should know before you do it:

1.  Use high-quality CBD oil

If you want to cook with CBD, you need to use it in the form of oil. You have several choices here: raw oil, pure oil or tincture. Raw oil is extracted from the entirety of the plant while pure oil – from the top parts. That’s why the first may contain some fibers from the cannabis plant and taste a bit earthly, and the latter has the most concentrated cannabidiol. CBD tincture, on the other hand, it’s an extract mixed with a sort of carrier oil. Thanks to that, it’s not so earthly in taste. You can use any of them while cooking, but you need to make sure it’s of high quality. Make sure it comes from a trustworthy company that has all the necessary quality controls and third-party tests conducted, and it’s not contaminated by any chemicals.

2.  Don’t overheat

You need to stay cautious while cooking or baking with CBD as high temperatures can cause CBD to evaporate and lose basically all of its properties. The temperature needs to stay around 320 degrees Fahrenheit, not higher; otherwise, it will boil and burn away. You have to be especially careful because it’s a much lower temperature than the boiling temperature of most other oils. If you have to cook at higher temperatures, consider adding CBD oil later.

3.  Stir a lot

If you think you stir enough, stir some more. You need to distribute the oil evenly throughout the entire dish, and it’s not so easy. You have to remember about it especially if you cook for more people – you want every serving to contain the same amount of CBD oil (and its nutritional benefits).

4.  Find the right amount for you

It’s not the same for everyone, unfortunately. It may happen that you cook everything according to the recipe, and you feel a bit drowsy or bad at your stomach. That’s because everyone reacts to CBD differently, and not all people can take the same amount of it and feel fine. You need to adjust it to your weight and other preferences. Most probably, when you start cooking with CBD, you will need several tries to find the amount that will be the best for you. If that’s too little for the recipe, you can always mix it with another kind of oil. Also, it’s better to start small and gradually go higher, especially if you’re only just beginning your adventure with CBD.

5.  Choose fat-based ingredients

Cannabinoids go well with fat- and oil-based ingredients, so it’s better to compose your dish using these. CBD will mix better with, for example, lard, margarine, butter, coconut oil or ghee. Thanks to it, CBD will be able to mix with other ingredients you may add, and you will overpower the taste of CBD that, in pure form, can be a little bitter.

6.  Store it properly

Just like any other ingredient, CBD oil needs to be properly stored if you want it to maintain all of its beneficial properties. All cannabinoids are sensitive to both light and temperature, so you should find it a dark, cool and dry place in your kitchen.

7.  Don’t be afraid to experiment

Yes, you need to find the right amount of CBD for your body and mind, but it doesn’t mean that you should stress out and stick to checked recipes only. CBD oils can be implemented into a wide variety of dishes, sweet, sour and salty. Don’t be afraid to look for something most suitable for your taste buds.

8.  You can make a smoothie

Yes, you’re not limited by the state of matter, and you can add some CBD oil to your smoothie. Even the small amount will change the taste of the mix of your favorite ingredients, and the way you feel after drinking it.


These are some of the essential rules to follow while cooking with CBD. There aren’t many limitations, only some basics to bear in mind. And it’s certainly worth it to incorporate CBD into your cooking and explore its multiple benefits. And don’t forget to have fun!

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