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The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Series event will host an important panel on Energy Mandates in February The Cannabis Certification Council (The Council) will be hosting this provocative discussion and subsequent energy workshop on Thursday, February 18th at 1pm ET.

The free event will showcase industry and energy experts discussing past policy actions and most critically the proposed energy mandates for California that if enacted would be in place by 2023.

At this event, attendees will enjoy an exploration of the broader implications of California’s new energy mandate, requiring LED lighting for all indoor agriculture.

The Council welcomes four industry experts as speakers: ·
The post panel Energy Workshop will feature:

“The Council is pleased to be presenting the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium and Symposium Series for the sixth year and there’s no better topic to start 2021 with than what’s being proposed in California and an examination of similar policies and their outcomes around the country” said Council board chair, Ben Gelt. “The Council is dedicated to helping the industry adopt sustainable practices and engaging on vital policy discussions like these will help operators understand what to expect and when.”

The Council will be offering more programming than ever in 2021 with monthly events including Cannabis Sustainability Symposiums, Sponsor Q&As, and our consumer education series, Happy Plants! Registration for all CSS Series events are free, and the multi-day May, August and October events will have early bird ticket pricing available beginning in March.

Registration for the February 18th free virtual event is available here. 


About the Cannabis Certification Council (The Council)

 The Cannabis Certification Council is a nonprofit standard holding body focused on providing consumer and industry education, transparency and choice in the cannabis industry. Through the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, the #Whatsinmyweed campaign, Happy Plants! and now the Organically Grown standard, The Council has become a leading advocate for clean, ethical and sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry.

About the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, organized by the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Work Group and hosted by the Cannabis Certification Council, convenes top experts from across the country to present on the industry’s key environmental challenges and best management practices. The Symposium aims to educate attendees on the latest tools, techniques and technologies for efficient and safe cannabis production. This event offers the opportunity to network and develop new collaborative opportunities to advance sustainability initiatives.


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