A kilogram of hashish and marijuana was discovered in a child’s bedroom in Jerusalem

When the police stopped and searched a vehicle in the Old City that seemed suspicious, they found substances that were suspected of being drugs. To investigate further, they searched the house of those suspected of harboring illegal substances, according to Israeli media on Friday.

While searching the suspect’s home in the Old City, police found dozens of bags for distribution containing hashish and marijuana in a closet next to a baby girl’s room.

The drugs were found in a cardboard box, which contained several dozens of bags for distribution and boxes of sweets for children. This box also contained drugs suspected to be marijuana and hashish, weighing over a kilogram.

The suspect was arrested

The suspect was arrested and handed over for questioning. On Thursday, his detention was extended until Tuesday in order to continue his investigation.

The sentence for drug trafficking in Israel is 20 years imprisonment. In addition to imprisonment, courts are able to fine traffickers large sums, up to 2,725,000 NIS.

The courts may order the forfeiture of some or all property connected directly or indirectly with a drug trafficking offense. The definition of property includes movable, immovable property, rights, and money. This general property forfeiture order may be given only after the defendant has been convicted and declared by the court a drug trafficker.

Also on Wednesday, two residents of Rosh Ha’ayin were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking after they were caught in an apartment owned by one of them in Petach Tikva.  Dozens of grams of a substance, suspected to be cocaine, and approximately 19,000 NIS cash were found in the apartment.

At the end of the investigation of the two, the police asked to extend their detention. Drug trafficking in Israel has increased over the last several years.


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