ABC News Australia: Legalise Cannabis Party eyes Victorian, NSW state elections after primary vote soars

It’s going to be fun watching the excuses the labor party will come out with , not to do anything.

Let’s hope Fiona Patten and others can get something serious up and running in Victoria and let’s also hope that the cannabis political power in NSW comes from the regions and especially the north and isn’t hijacked by Sydney money and power plays


The Legalise Cannabis Party almost doubled its primary vote at the May federal election, Australian Electoral Commission data shows, as party leaders say more voters support law reform around the drug.

The fringe party received 501,421 primary votes — almost twice as many as it attracted at the federal election three years ago, according to party president Michael Balderstone.

Its platforms include changing drug driving laws, allowing Australians to grow cannabis, and reducing the cost of medicinal marijuana.

Mr Balderstone said the result showed growing support for change.

“Half a million primary votes shows it is a front burner for pot reform,” he said.

Mr Balderstone said the surging number of votes had also given the party reimbursement from the AEC.

“The Queensland senate vote led by solicitor Bernie Bradley got 161,899 primary votes and because at 5.37 per cent he was well over the 4 per cent barrier, we will get electoral funding,” he said.

Michael Balderstone gives a peace sign.
Michael Balderstone says the federal election result shows growing support for the party.(Supplied)

State elections next

Federally, the party is registered in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, with plans to establish in the Northern Territory.

Mr Balderstone said its next focus was the upcoming state elections in Victoria and New South Wales.

There is a push to form a Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party for the Victorian state election in November.

The party has already registered to run in the New South Wales state election in March 2023.

“We are already attracting potential candidates and plan to run a strong campaign,” Mr Balderstone said.

He said there was a growing awareness of how successful cannabis could be in treating some medical conditions.

“I think the good vote in the federal election got us new respect from people who want to get on board, which is great for us,” he said.

Meanwhile in north east New South Wales, organisers of MardiGrass, an annual cannabis law reform rally and festival, are preparing for the event to go ahead in September after it was postponed due to flooding in May.

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