Abu Dhabi Law Firm Wasel & Wasel Open Regions First Medical Cannabis Law Practice

Abu Dhabi-based law firm Wasel & Wasel has set up the first medical cannabis legal practice in the Middle East.

This is what they say on their website…….

Medical Cannabis Practice

We counsel pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, sellers and buyers of know-how, cannabis medicinal apparatus companies, biotech companies, cannabis real estate companies, and private investors looking to explore the medical cannabis market in Lebanon.

Our medical cannabis practice clients are global, but are generally based out of the United States, Canada, China, Europe and Lebanon.

We assist in navigating licensing, insurance, and foreign corrupt practices laws and regulations including import and export licensing, regulatory scheme compliance, cannabis for medical use insurance and taxation, landlord and tenant disputes arising out of medical cannabis plantations and operations, and liability issues arising out of medical cannabis.

Our practitioners also assist foreign and Lebanese companies and investors in joint venture efforts for medical cannabis corporate formation and governance.

Here are the firm’s principals.


Firm URL. https://waselandwasel.com/about/

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