AirVape X – NewYork’s favourite vaporizer wins again!

The Best Portable Vaporizer by New York Times 2 years in a row; let’s see why.

From the simple idea of creating a vaporizer that is sleek in design but solid when it comes to performance, a plan started to form that resulted in the birth of AirVape.

There was an obvious need for a line of high-end devices that are more approachable in price without compromising quality, and AirVape was meant to fill that gap. They called it affordable luxury.

The first ultra-thin AirVape model was the XS which was immediately received with a warm welcome only to be topped by the massive success of the next flagship model, the AirVape X.

The AirVape X indeed marked the spot and took its rightful place between the giants of the industry.

It was voted the Best Portable Vaporizer by the Wirecutter (a New York Times publishing company) two years in a row.

Here’s what the Wirecutter article had to say about AirVape X:

Satisfying to use, intuitive to newcomers, and easier to live with than competitors, the AirVape X provides richer, smoother vapor than anything else in its price range. The AirVape X nails ease of use both initially and long term: The rim of the heating chamber resists spills by funneling material in, the magnetic lid holds firm but doesn’t get stuck, and over time, the AirVape is easier to clean completely than almost any other vaporizer.”



In the Best Portable Vaporizer for Dry Herb guide, Vape Critic noted:

“The AirVape X Ultra-slim design, good performance, easy to load and use.” featured both the AirVape X and AirVape Xs GO in 2nd and 3rd places in their article titled:

The 13 Best Weed Vaporizers for the Total Beginner.

Damian from TheVape.Guide was quick to notice: “The AirVape X has all the great qualities you expect from the top weed vaporizers, but without the price you expect from the top weed vaporizers. The X has haptic feedback, precise temperature controls, and ceramic materials all in a sleek, sexy package. So, if you want top quality without paying top dollar, the AirVape X is for you!”

Besides the thin design and quality performance, AirVape X stood out with its one-of-a-kind protective case.

The X shell is smell, dirt, and splash-proof!


According to Dan Ophaug of “Few portable vaporizers talk about the elephant in the room; odor. If you’re heating cannabis, it’s going to produce a smell. That can be a real issue for people who want to remain discreet when they’re in public. The AirVape X Shell makes the AirVape X a truly portable vaporizer by eliminating the odor. Toss the shell on and keep it in your bag without worrying about who’s going to notice the scent.”

Exclusive AirVape users club.

Besides the long list of impressive features, AirVape also backs up all their devices with a limited lifetime warranty in addition to several unique customer appreciation programs.

The AirVape Upgrade plan allows registered AirVape users to purchase future devices at a fraction of the retail price.

AirVape users thus become the beneficiaries of a service that allows them and encourages them to always enjoy the latest device from AirVape without the strenuous beneficial burden.


Future goals.

If there is one thing that summarizes what makes AirVape one-of-a-kind, it is the continuously forward-looking mentality. Technology is about innovation and efficiency, which means that we need to be ahead of the times and create devices with a vision of tomorrow and find ways of becoming more sustainable with our business model.


We believe in building a better, brighter future, so we are making incremental steps towards being eco-friendly.


Over the years, we’ve set up initiatives that would encourage and award users for recycling their old vapes regardless of the Brand.

We’ve made steps to switch out our packaging materials to recycled paper. Lately, we have started to implement eco-friendly materials in our vaporizers.


Our Legacy. 

In 2020, a new, revolutionary AirVape was released, and we named it the AirVape Legacy.

The Legacy became the most advanced portable vaporizer ever released by AirVape with features like:

  • Wireless charging,
  • Interchangeable battery,
  • Modular airpath
  • Pure convection heating technology


Some unique design twists like hemp textile and vegan leather and the elegant gunmetal finish with gold accents.


The Legacy was bound to turn some heads.

This year the Legacy Special Edition was released in collaboration with OneTreePlanted, an organization that plants trees on three continents to help in the fight against climate change.

The Legacy Special Edition was released in two shades of green, and it comes with a free wireless power bank.

In addition, the green color means it will contribute to ten trees planted after every purchase.

So, WHY AirVape?

There no simple answer. The Brand started with a simple plan to cover a particular need in the marketplace and listening to the consumer.

So they collected heaps of feedback over the years.


They say:

“The more we listened, the more we realized that the void is much more significant than previously thought, and the need for ears that hear is excellent. In addition, we soon realized that we could do so much more than design a sleek vape.

To take on the adventure of carving out a new, more sustainable way of thinking about the marketplace became our new mission.

We were creating not only new technology but finding novel ways of developing technology.


At AirVape, we believe in building on relationships based on trust, competence, and collaboration.

We promise to continuously adapt and evolve to provide the best possible products and the most convenient services to you, the consumer.”


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