Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Change Tune. They will Now Consider Micro-Suppliers

For us, this one of the more interesting “little” stories of the week.

As the pump & dump giants flounder it’s great to see that smaller  producers will get a look in , in Canda’s Alberta province’.

This we’d like to see in US regulated states and as far away as Australia. NZ has already outlined that they’ll be looking at a model of a  smaller amount of local producers. Like fruit & veg we all know that locally sourced product is more sustainable., healthier and supports the local economy. The choice, we’d suggest, is obvious.

Leafly report..

Sometimes, a government’s message can get lost in the media and lead to uncertainties for both industry and the general public.

Take BC’s recently-introduced 20% sales tax on vape products: At first it was unclear in its announcement whether it applied to dried cannabis vapes (turns out, the province later clarified, it did not).

But sometimes it’s the government’s message itself that causes confusion–especially when it’s just plain wrong.

In December, in response to an inquiry from Kieley Beaudry, co-founder of Alberta micro-cultivator applicant Parkland Flower, an email from an unnamed person at Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis wrote that micro-level licensees “do not produce enough product for Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission requirements, therefore we would not engage in businesses with them at this time.”

This week, Leafly covered the story, complete with negative comments from some heavy-hitting cannabis industry insiders, including lawyer Trina Fraser.

Turns out, the AGLC’s reply was not true.

On Wednesday, Beaudry posted a new follow-up email from “Philip” at Alberta Cannabis sent to her the same day, stating that “you were mistakenly provided with incorrect information and I am pleased to provide an update and some clarity.”

The email indicated that they were indeed accepting product from micro processors.

Curiously, the ALGC says they will accept product from “Micro Cultivation/Processing licensees that have a valid recreational sales licence from Health Canada.”

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