Alert: Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) Response to: Bicameral Congressional Request for Information on the Regulation of CBD and Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Products

The Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) responded to a Congressional Request for Information on cannabinoid hemp regulation from the U.S. House Committee on Energy & Commerce and the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. CANNRA’s 40-page response highlights the range of products on the current hemp marketplace – which extend well beyond CBD-only products, the need for a comprehensive federal regulatory approach that addresses all cannabinoid hemp products and forms, the challenges with applying current federal regulatory pathways to current products, and the risk to consumer safety and public health if swift federal action is not taken.

CANNRA’s response also includes a detailed appendix with pictorial examples of the types of hemp-derived cannabinoid products regulators have seen in their states or territories.



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