Alert – New Resource – Are you planning to apply for a psilocybin facilitator, service center, manufacturer, or testing lab license in Oregon?

Psilocybin Services Update + New Resources

Are you planning to apply for a psilocybin facilitator, service center, manufacturer, or testing lab license in Oregon? Did you know that required operational forms and documents are now available in both English and Spanish on the Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) website?

In case you missed it, OPS also posted Social Equity Plan Resources to provide support to applicants on building effective social equity plans.

We also have fact sheets for each of the four license types, which are available in English and Spanish:

We are now one month into accepting applications for licensure. Our team has been working to provide support to those who are working through the application process as well as responding to many questions from future applicants and members of the public.

As of today, we have received the following number of submitted applications in the Training, Licensing, and Compliance (TLC) system: 

Facilitator applications:            0

Service Center applications:    4

Manufacturer applications:     10

Laboratory applications:           2

Worker Permit applications:  116

In addition to submitted applications, we have many pending applications in the system. Pending applications may have been started in the TLC system but have not yet been submitted for OPS review. We understand it may take time for applicants to work through certain requirements before submitting their applications for OPS review. For example, before applying for facilitator licenses, students may still be finishing their psilocybin facilitator training programs. Those who intend to apply for service center and manufacturer licenses may be working with local governments on land use compatibility issues. And those who intend to apply for laboratory licenses may be working through the accreditation process.

Once submitted, applications take time to review and approve. We may be working with applicants on providing additional information or missing documents, waiting for the background check processes to be completed, and conducting site inspections for service center, manufacturer, and testing lab applications.

We want to thank you for bringing questions. We hope to issue our first licenses in the next couple of months and will keep you updated!

With Gratitude,

The Oregon Psilocybin Services Team

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