Algerian authorities say the country is being swamped by Moroccan hashish which they describe as…. “the most dangerous in the world….as they are solid poisons with high addictive power”

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The National Bureau for Countering Drugs and Drug Addiction prepares a “special” report to monitor new plans aimed at flooding the country with drugs smuggled from Morocco and brought into Algeria, classified as “the most dangerous in the world” as they are solid poisons with high addictive power and may be characterized by hazardous toxic effects.

In this context, Echorouk sources revealed that the Bureau based its report, which will submitted within the next few days to the higher authorities, on the outcome of the seizures of the various “joint” security services: the Gendarmerie, the army detachments, the police and customs, which revealed the record and staggering increase in the quantities of Moroccan drugs that enter through the Algerian borders, especially the western ones, where, according to the report, it has become one of the most important ways to destroy Algerians socially and economically and to undermine its values and the foundations of its strength.

What is more dangerous, according to the same authority, these drugs, following analytical studies carried out by the National Institute of Criminal Evidence and Criminology of the National Gendarmerie in Bouchaoui (Algiers), revealed for the third year in a row (last report in December 2023), are Moroccan hashish with which the drug barons have been trying to flood Algeria from 2010 to 2023, it is considered the most dangerous in the world, as it has been transformed from soft drugs into hard drugs with a high addictive power that may be characterized by hazardous toxic effects that have not been recorded before during the use of traditional types.

In terms of numbers, the forces of the People’s National Army were able to seize more than half a million kilograms of Moroccan hashish, exactly 573 kg, and arrested 2,723 dealers of these poisons during 2023, while they seized more than 100 kg of kief, and arrested 721 drug dealers, during the first quarter of 2024, distributed as follows: “In January, 52 kg of treated kief were seized and 277 drug dealers were arrested. In February, 23.84 kg of treated kief were seized and 251 drug dealers were arrested. In March, 30.16 kg of processed kief were seized and 193 drug dealers were arrested.”

Furthermore, the National Security Services seized approximately 8 tons of cannabis during 2023, waiting for the National Bureau for Counter Drugs and Drug Addiction to reveal the final official total of the quantities of seized drugs.

In this regard, the head of the National Authority for Health Promotion and Scientific Research Development “FOREM”, Mostefa Khiati, confirmed to Echorouk that 70 to 80% of the drugs seized in Algeria come from the neighbouring country, Morocco, explaining that all of these seized drugs represent a great danger to Algeria and its security, rather this has become a real “chemical aggression” from neighbouring Morocco.

Khiati added that “Morocco, faced with the impossibility of bringing the drugs it produces to Europe due to its carefully fenced borders, is targeting African countries and Algeria in particular to promote its poisons, and the large quantities of cannabis that are seized at the border are conclusive evidence that Algeria has become a target area for trafficking in these poisons.”

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