Althea Partner with Rocket Factory to Launch Dried Flower Products

Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH) (‘AGH’), has announced a new partnership with  Ontario-based, Canadian licensed producer, Rocket Factory. This partnership will support  Althea’s vision of raising the standard of cannabis-based prescription medicine products to  evolve the medicinal cannabis industry.

“Partnering with an experienced producer such as Rocket Factor provides us with an opportunity  to tackle some of the challenges we face in the medicinal cannabis dried flower market,” says  Joshua Fegan, CEO at AGH. “We’re excited for this collaboration to provide high-quality medicinal  cannabis flower products, such as Cherry Moon Pie, for healthcare professionals and their  patients. All of this aligns with our mission, to evolve the industry, empower healthcare  professionals, and ease the burden for patients.”

“We are immensely proud of the legacy we have built at Rocket Factory, especially the  development of our purpose-built facility, specifically designed for the cultivation of indoor  premium craft cannabis,” says Scott FitzGerald, CEO at Rocket Factory. “The partnership with  Althea is an exciting foray into the global medicinal cannabis space, as we leverage experience  from the Canadian market to compliment the heritage and expertise within the Althea team.”

The medicinal cannabis dried flower product category has become extremely competitive across  all markets, with a variety of different products available. Patients expect increasingly high quality medicinal cannabis products, particularly in markets that present a self-pay model. A  combination of these factors places more and more pressure on healthcare professionals and  their treatment decisions.

Partnering with Rocket Factory presents Althea with a unique opportunity to tackle some of the  challenges commonly faced in the industry. Smaller-scale batch production allows for greater  care and therefore quality and consistency in the production of craft medicinal cannabis dried  flower products. Combined with regular forecasting and scheduled growing cycles, this will allow  for better management and increased consistency of supply in the market.


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