Although Israeli law says CBD is only legal if it is synthetic retailers say authorities aren’t enforcing the rule and they sell full spectrum products freely

Israel’s Cannabis .com reports

The Ministry of Health has stated that CBD is only legal if it issynthetic, that is, not manufactured from cannabis, but in practice – the Israeli market is full of CBD “Paul Spectrum” products produced directly from cannabis. After years of activity mainly through online sites in Hebrew that ship the products from abroad, CBD products can also recently be found in physical stores and kiosks

In Israel,  the legal status of cannabidiol remains illegal today. Although in 2017 “Confused” by the police To think that this is a perfectly legal product because its explicit name does not appear in the drug command like the THC, but “aligned” shortly thereafter Hosted by the Ministry of Health. In 2022 he first published the Ministry of Health First official draft Which should have made the CBD legal in Israel in a certain format – not as a food additive nor in cosmetics ( It is unknown when exactly ), and last month, December 2022, The Ministry of Health first provided clarification that CBD is allowed to sell In its synthetic form only, That is as long as it is not made from cannabis. However, last weekend the FDA, the US Medicines and Food Agency, issued a statement Imposing restrictionsOn the production and marketing of CBD products, which experts in the field may cancel the Israeli program as presented

But in the meantime, while the authorities are conducting discussions and writing drafts for programs over the years, in practice, in reality itself, the market is not waiting and is slowly “creeping” into the common past. The novelty is that today, unlike before, it seems that There is no real enforcement on the subject anymore. Today, there are stores, both online and physical, that sell CBD products quite freely, even when it comes to CBD products “Paul Spectrum” (Full Spectrum CBD) And not just in isolated CBD products (Isolate CBD) for which it is difficult to prove whether or not cannabis is created and therefore sellers can claim to be legal. In fact, these are products that the Ministry of Health considers prohibited substances and sometimes even contain other than CBD and other cannabinoids, also THC or its derivatives in minimally quantities lower than 0.3%.

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