Angermeyer Quietly Controlling Psychedelic Companies

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How many other pies does he have his fingers in , we ask?


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CB Therapeutics Closes Series A, Reveals Atai Connections

Earlier this week, CB Therapeutics announced the closing of an oversubscribed Series A. The round was filled entirely by re.Mind Capital, a venture fund under Christian Angermayer’s Apeiron umbrella.

Angermayer, who founded Atai, joins CB Therapeutics as Advisor. Atai’s CSO, Dr. Srinivas Rao, joins the Board of Directors along with Dr. Jeff Miller, Jan Hardorp (founding partner at re.Mind), and CB Therapeutics’ founders Sher Ali Butt and Dr. Jacob Vogan.

Commenting on the news, CEO Sher Ali Butt said, “Words can’t express how excited we are to work alongside Christian, Apeiron, re.Mind, and the extended family of companies.” 

Beyond working on biosynthetic production of tryptamines and cannabinoids, the San Diego-based company announced PsyVault™. The company claims they’re “building the largest collection of biosynthetic tryptamines, cannabinoids, and their analogs.” 

Readers are not to confuse CB Therapeutics’ PsyVault™ with MagicMed’s Psybrary™, which has a similar goal of developing “the world’s foremost library of psychedelic derivatives.” The other similarity is that both companies are careful to append the ™ symbol to every mention of said metaphorical repositories.

Angermayer’s Atai is also deepening linkages with IntelGenx. Atai’s 25% interest in IntelGenx was approved by the Canadian company’s shareholders earlier this week, with news of a second feasibility agreement being signed coming just a day later.

The new collaboration covers the development of novel formulations of Salvinorin A, presumably related to Revixia Life Sciences’ (an Atai program) preclinical investigation of the psychoactive molecule for treatment-resistant depression.


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