Another Hemp Farm Gets Crop Destroyed Because Of High THC Content

Fox 19 Now reports…….A hemp farm in Kentucky is taking a major financial hit after its crop tested slightly over the legal threshold for THC.

Foggy Valley Farms spent months growing 20 acres of hemp, but right as they were about to ship it off to a processing plant to be made into CBD oil, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture told them they would have to burn 600 lbs. of it.

Federal law says all hemp must be under .3 percent THC to be legal. When this hemp was tested, says Foggy Valley Farms Owner Greg Marischen, it came back around .41 percent.

That means it will be burned by the KDA.

Marischen says the hemp’s high THC level was out of their control.

“It rained for two months,” he explained. “May, June, and then we get out in July, and then it becomes much harder to regulate what the plants are going to do.”

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