Antigua: Cabinet agrees cost of cannabis license is ”prohibitive”

The Antigua Observer reports

Cabinet held discussions with medicinal cannabis company GROW Antigua yesterday.

GROW Antigua asked that the paid-for licenses be lowered in cost as licenses issued to both nationals and visitors wanting to utilize the medicinal cannabis, which growers will offer, are deemed prohibitive.

The Cabinet agreed. 

GROW Antigua also asked that others trained to dispense medicinal cannabis but open to those trained and areover the age of 21 and accredited. The Cabinet agreed to give consideration to this request.

The trained personnel will be vested with the authority to determine what product and at what strength can be dispensed to customers. Consultations will follow with other stakeholders.

The GROW Antigua principals also announced that since their opening on the 15th of August they have received over 200 applications for licenses.

cabinet believes this signals an industry that has a good future.


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