Aphria Vapes Under Moniker ‘The Good Supply’ & ‘Solei’ Leak

This is your usual cannabis company disaster as vape pens are apparently the only product the company currently has to sell. It’s not hard to dig to the truth, Aphria have sub-contracted to an outfit called Greentank for their vape pans and yes, surprise surprise Greentank have used a Chinese manufacturer for the Vape Pens. How can anybody be surprised that they were going to get sub-par product.


Smart Money Gains.com reports ……It been brought to our attention that Aphria’s vapes under ‘The Good Supply’ & ‘Solei’ brand, have been voluntarily recalled across Canada because their Vape Pens are leaking. New Brunswick was the first province to identify the problems. However it’s expected to cause delays in the 2.0 distribution plans of Aphria and using those Brands.

A major setback to Aphria’s 2.0 plans. As they don’t have any 2.0 products readily available outside of its Vape Pen lines.

There remains to be no issues with its disposable RIFF brand vape pens. Aphria under the RIFF brand is also expected release numerous oral spray SKU’s. It’s JV with Perennial however has failed to produce any 2.0 products such as edibles or drinkables to date.

We’ve confirmed that the hardware in question that was provided to the Aphria came from Greentank. The cartridges seem to that of the ‘GT Spectrum’ models. However it’s yet to be determined who is at fault. Was it Aphria’s inability assemble or to fill the vapes up correctly – or was it faulty hardware. Greentanks other clients include HEXO, Binske and TGOD. None of those companies have 2.0 vapes readily available in any Province.

Lastly, hardware for Vapes is a topic of discussion that comes up a lot amongst industry insiders. Quality consistency is a contentious issue for Licensed Producers. When the majority of vaping hardware is sourced from China, LP’s must choose their supplier wisely. Suppliers always run the risk of failing quality assurance. The option of a pro disposable vape is a better option to be looked at 

While Greentank vape pens were all deemed safe by Health Canada for consumption use. Many others reportedly failed. Sourcing any hardware from China runs the risk of subjecting your intended user base to Metal Fume Fever. As China is notorious for cutting quality assurance corners by using lead paint for children’s toys. Don’t think vaping hardware is any different. It’s our recommendation that LP’s seeking to obtain reliable vaping hardware that you contact a company called Foundry.

Source:  https://smartmoneygains.com/sector-watch/aphria-vapes-leak/

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