Are marijuana seeds legal in Thailand?

Recently, I visited more than 500 dispensaries in Thailand that have sprung up since marijuana was removed from the narcotics list two years ago. My mission was to research what is happening in the cannabis industry today in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. In light of the new government’s plans to reverse the changes and outlaw THC levels higher than 0.2%, what do the many retailers predict?

During my travels, I tried to promote my seed business in Thailand. I was surprised to find that most dispensaries in Thailand do not sell cannabis seeds. The views differ enormously between regions and even between shops next door to one another. During my travels, I only found three shops that actually sold seeds. The first shop just sold bag seeds he had harvested from his own Amnesia Haze. I was offered them by him for sale, but because they are not verified and officially grown, we would not buy them. Our seeds are extremely high-quality and we never buy anything on a whim. Over the past 15 years, we have used the same breeders and have developed relationships with associates. The risk involved in retailing bag seeds is too high, so I told the guy I would simply give those seeds away for free.

As for the second shop selling seeds, it was still doing so in basically the same manner as the first. The only difference was that he had created the seeds himself. These were regular seeds grown in the traditional manner, not feminized.

I found a third shop out of 500 that offered official branded seeds in original souvenir packaging. They only sold a single brand and seemed unconcerned about the law.

My question is why would so many dispensaries be afraid to sell seeds in a country where marijuana with high THC is openly sold? Some retailers are selling magic mushrooms and strong edibles that surely would be of a higher concern.

How to legally import cannabis seeds into Thailand?

Getting a license to retail cannabis seeds Thailand is a straightforward process, and it doesn’t take long at all. The process of getting a license to import cannabis seeds into Thailand is also fairly straightforward, but more involved. However, this is the easiest part; the actual import of seeds is more complicated.

In Thailand, the steps for importing cannabis seeds are very complex once you get your license to import seeds and your license to sell cannabis seeds. It is important to note that most quality seed banks offer a range of approximately 100 strains of seeds. Following is a brief outline of the requirements for importing a single strain of seeds. To acquire all the paperwork, you would have to repeat this process 100 times.

  • £50 Fera Lab Testing of the seeds
  • £375 for the collection of seeds and site inspection from UK agency
  • £55 for a Phytosanitary Certificate that proves the seeds are not contaminated
  • £275 for a country-of-origin certificate
  • £275 for purity and germination testing with 450 seeds destructive test
  • £25 for a non-GMO certificate (Genetically modified)
  • £100 for a certificate of analysis to show complete cannabinoid profile
  • Full description of genetics profile for each strain
  • Thai shipping agent required to assist with customs clearance in Thailand

In my research, I found that Thailand has adopted a nearly impossible process for importing seeds. It is even stranger that Thailand doesn’t get a penny out of the approximate £1000 per strain documentation costs.

It seems that many people bring Top 10 Cannabis Seeds Thailand and you can find nearly any strain available commercially. There is no doubt that 90% of the strains actually being sold in dispensaries have never seen a single legal document, and all of the documents above are mostly meaningless. Testing doesn’t prove that much, and cannabinoid results really vary quite a bit depending on the way plants are grown.

The conclusion is that cannabis seeds are fully legal to import and sell in Thailand. The problem lies in the complexity of bringing them legally into the country. Since the seeds are already inside the country, I can’t see the Thai authorities prioritizing policing seeds over retailers selling magic mushrooms and other psychedelics.

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