Argentina regulates the purchase of cannabis seeds for crops for medicinal purposes

The national government legalized the purchase of cannabis seeds in Argentina for cultivation for research and medicinal purposeswhile enabling the marketing of cuttings and rooted seedlings.

Through a resolution published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette, it was resolved that in four varieties of seeds that can be sold, which are approved by the National Seed Institute (INASE) and must be appropriately labeled.

The measure was enacted by resolution No. 260 issued by INASE and also includes the marketing of cuttings and rooted seedlings. Although the text of the resolution does not specify it, it is estimated that they can be purchased in growshops or specialized stores.

According to the specialized magazine THC, another 15 could be added to the four varieties before the end of the year and there are some 77 more in the process of being registered with INASE, almost 80% of national development.

The text of the regulation does not establish requirements to acquire the seeds. Namely, anyone can buy them without having to present documentation.

It is worth noting that its possession and cultivation must be guaranteed by an inscription in the Registry of the Cannabis Program (Reprocann), the database of growers articulated by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. To do this, it is necessary to have a medical indication, according to the information provided on the official website.

On the other hand, those who want to market the seeds must register in the National Registry of Seed Trade and Control, a procedure that is done online on the INASE site, has a cost depending on the category in which it is registered and takes approximately one week. It will be valid for one year and enables the sale of only the four registered varieties.


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