Article: Cannabis Business Executive – Top 5 Compliance Infractions – Medical Dispensaries and Retail Stores

Here’s whet they believe to be the top 5 compliance infractions

The following list of top compliance infractions was obtained from the result of more than 300 regulatory compliance audits conducted in the State of Colorado. This listing combines both retail store and medical dispensary infractions for all licensees audited.

Top compliance infractions

The top five (5) are:

  1. The facility (license) does not immediately input all marijuana and infused product into the State-mandated inventory tracking system and account for all variances.
  2. The facility does not have an updated, accurate diagram of security and surveillance area in the licensed premise.
  3. The facility does not follow regulatory guidelines on expired products (one or more).
  4. The facility does not adequately prevent cross contamination with marijuana or infused product.
  5. The patients/customers are not properly supervised/tracked at all times in restricted areas.

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