Article – Czech Republic: Legal aspects concerning consumption, possession and cultivation of cannabis

SensiSeeds .com  penned this article 14 July 2015  – it’s a fairly comprehensive overview of the market as of mid 2015

Here are the bullets – link for the full article

The Czech Republic is a young country, and adopted liberal drug laws upon first achieving statehood. Its liberal policies have been compromised repeatedly, but the most recent major legal change marked a major step forward—although its implementation may now be proving less progressive than was first hoped.

Cannabis possession & consumption
In 1993, the newly-formed Czech Republic implemented a progressive set of drug laws that.

Sale of cannabis
Since the 2010 amendment, cultivation of cannabis has been decriminalized provided that plant count is five or below……

Medicinal cannabis in the Czech Republic
Up until very recently, the Czech Republic had no medical cannabis laws on its books, although anecdotally it seems that medical usage was considered in mitigation in some cases of small-scale cultivation……

Industrial hemp in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has a small but significant industrial hemp industry,….

The Czech Republic’s political parties & cannabis

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