Article: Did Fresno police get $2M grant from legal marijuana? No, but truth is even stranger

The Fresno Bee reports..

When you go down a Fresno government rabbit hole, no telling where it might lead. In this case, all the way to Mendota.

While perusing the Dec. 15 Fresno City Council agenda for anything I missed during a week off, one particular item leaped out: The acceptance of $1,958,057 in state funds awarded to the Fresno Police Department from Proposition 64 grants.

Hang on a second. Fresno cops are getting nearly $2 million from legal marijuana sales in California? Now there’s a headline. Turns out that’s not actually the case. Most of the money — 62.6% of the $1,958,057 grant — is earmarked for non-governmental organizations including the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission and Boys and Girls Clubs of Fresno County.

It will be used to hire staff, pay for internships and conduct regular youth-focused activities.

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