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In an industry that is often perceived by many to be underrepresenting women’s voices, Women of Weed UK seek to address this by offering a friendly and approachable group. Created by two friends, Nina and Siouxie, this group invites women within the cannabis space to unite from all points within the industry to connect, learn, and share common experiences, promote female voices within the space and empower one another.

We spoke to both of them to learn more about the group, how they feel women are treated within the industry and what they have coming up.

Could you explain to our readers what Women of Weed UK is? 

N: Women of Weed is a safe space for women to ask questions, tell their stories, find out about what’s going on in the U.K. Cannabis scene, make friends, plan gatherings…

S: Women of Weed UK is a platform for women in the UK to learn more about the cannabis plant and its therapeutic benefits, network with like-minded women and find out more about what is happening in the UK scene.

What was it that made you create the platform Women of Weed’? 

N: We created this platform because there was nothing to bring together women who consume cannabis or are interested in it. We both had realised that women in the cannabis scene were often isolated, feeling judged or stigmatised because of their consumption and didn’t have anyone to talk to or relate to. By highlighting some women’s stories we slowly saw women coming out more and being more open about their consumption. Then it quickly grew and we saw many friendships created and a big support system came into place. Within our first year, we also managed to gather around £20k worth of donations (mostly CBD products) from people and brands and redistributed it all amongst women who needed it.

S: I noticed a real need for a platform that brought women together in their shared interest in cannabis. There are a few women’s groups in the UK but they focus on specific sectors within the cannabis industry. Whereas we wanted to unite women across all sectors of the industry from patients to professionals.

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