Pipe Dream report… Guest speaker Zach Lipson detailed his career history, how it helped him found his own cannabis company


As more states legalize marijuana, the cannabis industry has started to boom across the country. Students interested in a wide variety of fields, including law, business development, engineering, product development, marketing and more now have the opportunity to pursue a career in legal marijuana. Cannabis industry-related student interest groups at Binghamton University, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, UCLA, University of California, Santa Barbara and Cornell University, partnered to co-host the National Cannabis Speaker Series. These weekly discussions feature prominent or emerging leaders in the burgeoning legal marijuana space. This past Monday, Oct. 5 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., the event welcomed Zach Lipson, co-founder and chief product officer of dutchie, an online platform that allows users to order legal cannabis from the dispensary of their choice to their own door.

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