As Referendum Draws Closer NZ’s Growers Are Coming Out Of The Shadows

The Guardian reports on NZ starting to think about  carving out its  “cannabis identity” on the global stage.


“There are plenty of growers in New Zealand, most with recently imported strains – but we are interested in connecting with the older breeders who have decades of experience,” says Hikurangi operations manager Panapa Ehau.

“We want to make sure breeders who contribute genetics into the legal industry get ongoing benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise they have applied to plant breeding.”

Helius is the largest New Zealand company to be granted a research and development licence for medicinal cannabis.

“Its an incredibly exciting time and this industry is moving out of the shadows into a legitimate market place. For some growers that is really scary but others are seeing it as a huge opportunity,” says Manning.

“Its very difficult to get to the bottom of what’s out there in New Zealand. Most of these growers aren’t having their products lab-tested, so most of it is word of mouth.”

Manning believes there may be several phenotype expressions of cannabis in New Zealand, and local varieties of the plant imported from the Netherlands 20 years ago that are no longer widely available anywhere else in the world.

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