ATSM International Partners With Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) and the Policy Center for Public Health & Safety to establish pilot program

ASTM International announced this week that it has partnered with the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) and the Policy Center for Public Health and Safety to establish a pilot program to certify quality systems and facilities for cannabis and hemp producers. The certifications provided by the program, already underway, could also be used as vetting tools by financial institutions that serve the cannabis industry, organizers say.

The program is managed by ASTM International’s Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) in partnership with The GMP Collective, a consulting firm.

Program leaders have drawn from a list of already approved standards developed by an ASTM International cannabis committee, and they will look to incorporate other established best practices specific to cannabis manufacturing and agriculture, ASTM International reported.

The results of the pilot program, according to ATACH, will be submitted to the Attorneys General Association cannabis policy committee, a bipartisan group of state attorneys general, for review and consideration. The organization did not provide a timeline for when that might occur.

Here’s the full announcement

Cannabis Certification Program

About the Program

The ASTM International Cannabis Certification Program was developed by the Safety Equipment Institute in partnership with The GMP Collective, with the shared goal of helping all cannabis and hemp producers meet and exceed best practice standards, ensuring only consistent and safe products are available in the marketplace.

Open to all cultivators, extractors, and producers/processors, the program includes testing of cannabis flower samples using ASTM standards, as well as full quality audits of facility operations. Once approved, cannabis businesses can use the ASTM certification mark on authorized product packaging and highlight in marketing materials.

Why Get Certified?

This program provides cannabis businesses with independent evidence that their products adhere to the strictest industry safety standards and meet and exceed state regulation requirements.

Achieving certification shows key industry stakeholders and customers that your company is committed to best practices that ensure consumer and patient health and safety.

Consumers can use your products with confidence knowing that your quality systems have been evaluated at the highest level. Improve your reputation and increase profitability in this growing field by building trust with your customers.

Quality Audits and Product Testing

Quality Management System Audit

Quality management systems are used to maintain compliance and proactively identify and mitigate risks that could lead to product safety and integrity issues.

Systems evaluated during the initial audit include your quality management system, cleaning and disinfection processes, plus your facility’s security and surveillance systems. Findings from the audit can provide constructive and proactive information on deficiencies that, once addressed, increase the strength and efficiency of an operation.

Product Testing

Initial testing will include a random selection of products and will be completed at an SEI-approved testing laboratory. The testing laboratory will perform tests in accordance with lab procedures and the specified standard. Upon completion of initial testing, ongoing certification testing is conducted randomly throughout the year.

What test methods will be used to evaluate cannabis products?

ASTM D8197ASTM Specification for Maintaining Acceptable Water Activity for Dry Cannabis Flower

How do I submit my samples?

Samples are selected by the SEI auditor during the quality audit or random samples are collected from on-site retail locations.

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