AusCann Group Say That They Are Making Dogs Lives Better

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Here’s the blurb.

  • AusCann Group (AC8) has received results from the phase 2A pilot study for CPAT-01, a cannabinoid-based medicine for dogs in pain
  • Over an eight-week period, client-owned dogs with osteoarthritis were treated with the oral solution twice a day
  • Full analysis of the trial’s results indicates that CPAT-01 improved pain, lameness, and quality of life in dogs with osteoarthritis
  • The results have encouraged AusCann to re-draft its request for a meeting with regulatory bodies, seeking guidance on CPAT-01 development
  • AusCann Group is up 1.54 per cent and trading at 13 cents per share

AusCann Group (AC8) has received results from the phase 2A pilot study for CPAT-01, a cannabinoid-based medicine for dogs in pain.

CPAT-01 is a standardised pharmaceutical product, derived from natural THC and CBD extracts and formulated into a liquid oral solution. The product was developed by AusCann Group’s subsidiary, CannPal Animal Therapeutics, to treat pain and inflammation in dogs.

The phase 2A pilot study was a world-first, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The study consisted of 46 client-owned dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis, who were assigned to one of four treatment groups.

One group received the placebo, with the second group receiving a CPAT-01 dose of 0.27 milligrams per kilogram. Another group received a CPAT-01 dose of 0.54 milligrams per kilogram, while the last group received a CPAT-01 dose of 0.9 milligrams per kilogram.

Each dog was dosed twice a day over the study’s eight-week period, whether with the placebo or with the THC and CBD solution.

AusCann has now received a full analysis of the trial’s clinical pain and lameness results, which indicate that CPAT-01 improved the pain, lameness and quality of life in the dogs. These measured improvements in pain, lameness and mood were based on both clinical and biochemical results.

The encouraging results of the study have given AusCann the confidence to continue moving forward with its development program. In fact, the company has now begun re-drafting its request for a pre-submission conference with the Food and Drug Administration and Center for Veterinary Medicine.

In this conference with these regulatory bodies, AusCann will provide data from the study and seek formal guidance on the plan for U.S. development and regulation of CPAT-01.

AusCann Group (ASX:AC8) cannabis product performs well in dog study

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