Australia: 70 Year Old Woman …”who was high on cannabis jailed over crash that killed partner”

Channel 9 News Australia reports

A 70-year-old South Australian woman who was high on cannabis when she crashed her car and killed her life partner has been sent to jail for almost three years.
The court heard Marguerita Elizabeth had been using cannabis since she was 20 years old and at the time of the crash regularly smoked up to 12 bongs a day.
The pensioner was “significantly impaired” when her car hit a tree at Strathalbyn in June last year.
Her partner, who was in the passenger seat, died in hospital.
Elizabeth pleaded guilty to the crash but asked the court for any sentence to be served at home.
Her request was refused today as the judge said a message must be sent to other road users.
South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said the judgement “clearly sends a strong message about potential consequences for that behaviour”.
“Hopefully people take heed of that message,” Stevens said.
Elizabeth will be eligible for parole in 18 months.

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